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Connectivity between Simscape and Simulink

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我应该如何操作才能使PV array与Average-Value DC-DC Converter连接。
What should I do to get the PV array to connect with the Average-Value DC-DC Converter.
The version I'm using is MATLAB 2023b

Accepted Answer

Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 27 Mar 2024
unfortunately, those two blocks are from seperate electrical simulation technologies, specialized power systems, and simscape electrical. (black components are specialized power system, blue components are simscape electrical) In general, it is highly advisred not to try and use them together. Simscape has it's own solar block that you can use instead.
It's parameterization is different than the one that you are trying to use so it might take some extra work to build the specific model that you want in simscape.

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