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Simscape Electrical Block Lib or Specialized Power Systems Lib for motor control simulation?

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Hi there,
As topic, I have been using example from Specialized Power Systems: , and managed to get some test result. BUT I am running into problem of it doesn't quite match previous experiment result and the model seems to be old (SVPWM modulator no documentation and PID controller is not using the standard one!)
I found another one implemented with Simscape Electrical Block Lib: . I haven't try yet.
Which one is recommended to use? Which one will give better fidelity?

Accepted Answer

Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 2 Apr 2024
If your primary desire is the ability to have higher fidelity, you should use simscape. It will let your create more detailed models with a higher level of fidelity, while simultaneously making it easier to create behaviroal models of parts of your system that don't need to be as accurate. A really common cause of error for motor models is that a basic lumped parameter model will always be a bit off, and including saturation effects is necessary to improve the fidelity. It also allows for better fault modeling and changing wiring of motors in a way that is hard or impossible to do with specialized power systems.

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