Problem with imageDatastore function

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Hello everyone,
I have a problem with imageDatastore. When I define this function: imds = imageDatastore(fullfile(rootFolder, categories), 'LabelSource', 'foldernames'); matlab says, Undefined function or variable 'imageDatastore'. I tried to find from which toolbox the function comes from, but it seems like that function it doesn't exist at all. I hope someone here will be able to solve my problem. Thanks in advance
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Talbi anis
Talbi anis on 6 May 2020
Edited: Talbi anis on 6 May 2020
Hi everyone,
I'm using Matlab R2013a or Matlab R2015a, is there alternative to create an ImageDatastore object
Thank you for you help

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Accepted Answer

Anandan Rangasamy
Anandan Rangasamy on 31 Aug 2016
Walter is right. imageDatastore function is new as of R2016a. You can create an ImageDatastore object using
myfolder = 'C:\myImages'
datastore(myfolder, 'Type', 'image')
You also cannot run that deep learning example using R2015b. You need R2016a for that. To create an ImageDatastore you don't need Computer Vision System Toolbox installed, just MATLAB is good enough.
computer vision is installed in matlab R2018a but still facing --this issue
Undefined function or variable 'imds'.
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 1 Apr 2018
SATYAM, no one's code here even mentions imds. The link at the top just shows a page with links to a bunch of examples. We don't know which one you ran. Please attach your code and images or videos so we can help you.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 21 May 2016
imageDatastore requires the Computer Vision Toolbox from R2015b or later.
Borasy Kong
Borasy Kong on 28 Nov 2017
Man, I should've read these follow up comments before wasting my time installing the R2015b to get this error again.
Mehreen Khan
Mehreen Khan on 21 Jan 2019
Try using datastore instead of imageDatastore. It worked or me on R2015b
imds = datastore(fullfile())

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Mehreen Khan
Mehreen Khan on 21 Jan 2019
Try using datastore instead of imageDatastore. It worked or me on R2015b
imds = datastore(fullfile());

Saher77 on 10 Apr 2019
Hi everyone, Is there alternative to ImageDataStore in Matlab 2012. Any help appreciated
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 13 Apr 2020
No, none of the datastore objects existed in 2012. None of the Deep Learning functions existed in 2012 either -- just the Neural Network functions that did not use datastores. The File Exchange had some contributions related to learning algorithms that did not use datastore objects though.

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