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applying timerange to a number of .mat files containing timetables
I think the right way to do this is to begin with tall timetables first, that way you don't mess up the way timetables are forma...

6 years ago | 0

Tall table from multiple tables in different .MAT files
I would suggest you to set UniformRead to true when creating < FileD...

6 years ago | 1

Datastore - support for mat-files
If you are using R2017b MATLAB version, you could set the UniformRead option to true when creating fileDatastore and that will s...

6 years ago | 3

Undefined function 'imageDatastore' and 'alexnet'
Hi Dimitrios, I believe imageDatastore and alexnet are available in R2017a version. I think you would need Neural Network Too...

6 years ago | 0

Problem with imageDatastore function
Walter is right. |imageDatastore| _function_ is new as of R2016a. You can create an |ImageDatastore| object using myfolder ...

7 years ago | 2

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