Parrot Mambo Mini drones connecting problem

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Zhaoyi Xu
Zhaoyi Xu on 22 Oct 2017
Commented: wagenaartje on 4 Nov 2020
I want use Matlab PARROT Minidrones Support package to connect my Parrot Mambo mini drones with Matlab and Simulink. However, RNDIS driver for drone is needed, and I can not get it normally through Driver Manage. My OS is Win10. Could you help me get the RNDIS driver or tell me how to get it? Thx!

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Ankur Bose
Ankur Bose on 26 Oct 2017
Currently parrot Mambo is not supported . We are working to provide support for Mambo. Stay tuned for updates!!
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Zhaoyi Xu
Zhaoyi Xu on 26 Oct 2017
Thanks very much!!! Also, could you please suggest me a type of drone which works well with Matlab?

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Arvind Narayanan
Arvind Narayanan on 27 Oct 2017
Currently, we support Parrot Rolling Spider. You may refer to this link for information regarding the RNDIS driver:
Please note that you will need a specific kind of dongle to work with Parrot mini drones. Please refer to this post for more details:

Maitreyee Mordekar
Maitreyee Mordekar on 24 Jan 2018
Hi Zhaoyi,
Simulink now support the Parrot Mambo drone in R2017b release. You can find more details on this documentation page.
Happy droning!

Óscar Javier Ornelas
Óscar Javier Ornelas on 17 Aug 2018
Hi Zhaoyi Xu ,
Where you able to solve the issue with Mambo? I have the same issue where i can not find RNDIS in device manager.
Oscar J.

mazdak kiyani
mazdak kiyani on 6 Sep 2018
RNDIS can be found in device manager when the usb cable is connected with the rolling spider otherwise u may not find it.

wagenaartje on 25 Aug 2020
I'm having the same problem; I follow the instructions but cannot find the device listed in device manager with the Mambo Fly.
wagenaartje on 4 Nov 2020
I solved it by going to "manage add-ons", and clicking on the gears next to the parrot minidrones toolbox. This will not only install the firmware on the drone, but also tell you how to get RNDIS listed (I think).

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