MATLAB live script freezes often

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Everett Snieder
Everett Snieder on 25 Nov 2019
Commented: Hamid Farshi on 29 Nov 2021 at 17:19
Title says it all, live scrips will randomly freeze for about 30 seconds at a time. Happens once every 10 minutes or so. Eventually it unfreezes, but it's so bad that I avoid live script altogether. Happens on all 3 of my different workstations.

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Jared MacDonald
Jared MacDonald on 3 Mar 2020
Hi Everett,
This is a known issue that has been fixed in R2019b. Please see "stability" in this release note:
Hamid Farshi
Hamid Farshi on 29 Nov 2021 at 17:19
Hi Paul,
can you please answer few questions so we can understand your issue better?:
  • when it "freezes" what actually is frozen? is it just the Live Editor that is frozen? can you use command window? for example, can you run x=1 on the command window which would run?
  • is the "frozen" state *only* happens when you run the script? please describe what else gets you to frozen state. For example, does it freeze when you are just typing code? adding rich text? etc.
  • have you noticed that using any shortcut keys will get you in the frozen state? as oppose to using the toolstrip buttons on the UI?
Thanks again for your time.
Hamid Farshi

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