Can't change baude rate using Arduino Nano3.0

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I want to use an arduino nano 3.0, I download the Supported Package for Arduino and i found the main problem is the CH340 chip that mi arduino uses. It chip cannot handle baudrate greater than 230400 (matlab uses 921600), so I have to change the baude rate less than this value.
I found two ways to do it, but unfortunately none works.
a) find in the path C:\MATLAB\SupportPackages\R2015a\arduinoio\toolbox\matlab\hardware\supportpackages\arduinoio\+arduinoio\+internal the field calls boards.xml and change the value of the baude rate, but I haven't this file in my download Packag
b) Change de baude rate using this comma
>> ccodertarget.arduinobase.registry.setBaudRate(gcs)
But I cannot understand how can i use it. Because if I set this command in my terminal (MATLAB) and errors appears: Unable to resolve the name codertarget.arduainobase.registry.setBaudRate
I read the information there:

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Arun Kumar
Arun Kumar on 13 Apr 2020
Hi Ethan,
The api:
should work fine as mentioned in the following answer:
There's a type in the command that you typed.
Please copy and paste the above command.

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