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Mux/Demux for physical signals

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Christian on 17 Jun 2020
Commented: Christian on 10 Aug 2020
Given a physical signal vector, how can I split up the vector into its components? That would be something like Mux/Demux for physical Signals.
inVector = {[1, 2, 3], 'm'};
outScalar = {1, 'm'};
outVector = {[2,3], 'm'};
What I could do ist to use PS-Simulink-Converter → demux (→ Mux foroutVector) → Simulink-PS-Converter. But in this case I get an error creating a composite component of it.
Probably I could create a custom component for splittin the signals up, but that seems a bit cumbersome to me.


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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 5 Aug 2020
Hello Christian,
you are unfortunately correct in that you must create your own mux and demux blocks for simscape physical signals. There is a simscape bus, but it only works for standard bi-direction physical connections, and does not support physical signals. If you have the simscape electrical toolbox, it does have some prebuilt mux and demux options built in for the converters.

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Christian on 10 Aug 2020
This is not the answer I wanted to hear ;-)
Thank you anyway. So I don't need any further research for this.

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