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How to insert multiple spreadsheets to a workbook from Matlab

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wangm on 29 Jul 2020
Edited: Walter Roberson on 28 Sep 2020
Matlab provide a method to insert one spreadsheet: using the command
eNewSheet = Add(eSheets,[],eSheet1);
However, if I know I need to add multiple spreadsheets, e.g. 5, is there a way to tell Add comment, or I have to do a for loop to insert 5 sheets?


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Michael Croucher
Michael Croucher on 28 Sep 2020
You can add the number of sheets as an extra argument. So, for 5 sheets:
eNewSheet = Add(eSheets,[],eSheet1,5);

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wangm on 28 Sep 2020
Thanks Michael. It works.
I also tried to test if I can add spreadsheet before using the method provided in Matlab, i got error. Have you got the same error. here is the link Matlab provided:
I followed the exact commend:
e = actxserver('Excel.Application');
e.Visible = 1;
eSheets = e.ActiveWorkbook.Sheets;
eSheet1 = Item(eSheets,1);
eNewSheet = Add(eSheets,[],eSheet1);
It works if I want to add sheet after the first. But if I want to add sheet before the first sheet by typing
eNewSheet = Add([], eSheets,eSheet1);
I got error: Undefined command/function 'Add'.
How do you interpolate the explanation:
To call Add with the After argument, omit the first argument, Before, by using an empty array [] in its place.

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