How do I set up Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 for SLRT?

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Oscar Javier Alvarado Zarabanda
Answered: Diego Kuratli on 27 Sep 2020
How do I set up Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 for use with Simulink Real-Time?
bitla bhanuteja
bitla bhanuteja on 24 Sep 2020
I too want a solution for this. I tried to do the process in the above link, the process has a step where one has to download a zip file and place it in root of matlab, the problem is that the file they have provided are for Matlab 2017 and 2016 , I'm currently running 2019b, so can you help me with 2019b please?

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Answers (1)

Diego Kuratli
Diego Kuratli on 27 Sep 2020
1. Close MATLAB.
2. Download VS2019 (Professional or Community Edition). During the VS2019 installation, select the "Desktop development with C++" workload. This should install all required components.
3. After the installation, in MATLAB type
slrtsetCC ('VisualC','')
mex -setup
4. From the list of installed compilers, select VS2019.
Note 1: if you use R2019a, make sure to install the R2019 Update 5 or newer. VS2019 is not supported in older releases.
Note 2: from R2020b, Visual Studio compiler is no longer required for Simulink Real-Time. Instead, install the Simulink Real-Time Target Support Package.




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