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Simulation Addons with Simulink - How to view Subsystems?

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I have a problem with the "new" Simulation Addons such as SimMechanics,SimHydraulics and so on...
I have a block (in this case a Counterbalance Valve from the SimHydraulics Package) which I would like to modify or at least see how this Block has been created. Therefore I am searching for something that enables me to gain insight into the subsystem or the C-Code.
How can I do so?

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Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 25 Jun 2021
Hi Andre,
For some blocks in the Simscape add-on products, we show portions of the source code so you can see how the equations are implemented. For others, you will need to rely on the documentation. The documentation can often provide a much better representation of what is going on, for a symbolic expression can often very efficiently express the physics. To make our code modular, some blocks inherit from multiple base classes which would make them difficult to interpret even if we did give you access to it.

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