Simulink Data Inspector 2020b Realtime / Speedgoat Issues

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I am trying to use the simulink data inspector to stream signals to tune a controler in my hardware in the loop robot setup... The systems samples at 1000hz. Unfortunately, streaming more than a few signals over ethernet at that rate creates significant performance issues in SDI rendering it nearly unusable... I thought setting signals to be decimated might help, but I'm finding that none of the decimation settings (found in the signal log configuration menus) are actually being applied to the data SDI receives... I'm sort of at a loss for what to try next... Is SDI capable of streaming realtime signals or should I just give up and revert my speedgoat to 2019 so I can use the old Target scopes? Additionally, the data inspector shows that signals I have not marked for logging are being logged... Is there any way to prevent this behavior? It seems like logging excess data would just slow things down even more...

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Diego Kuratli
Diego Kuratli on 8 Apr 2021
Are you using R2020b? SDI performances are improved in R2021a. Also, you can configure the SDI to act as an oscilloscope, i.e. the data is only available during simulation (like the target scopes). Also, the host computer specs can significantly impact SDI performances. Tyically, the host-target Ethernet connection is not the bottleneck in this case.
Signals that are connected to scopes in the model are streamed to SDI. That may be the reason of seeing additional signals.
If any issue persists, I suggest to get in touch with technical support.
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Christopher Bitikofer
Christopher Bitikofer on 10 Apr 2021
HI Diego,
Thank you for the input.
Yep we are using 2020b on a network license. Unfortunately my university waits until the academic years end to update the server so I can't test out 2020b yet. I did get in touch with our IT admin to see if an exception could be made but thats still up in the air.
We have a performance speedgoat from 2016. It had the top end processor from the time (an i7) and we upgraded the disk to a nicer ssd. It has 8 gb of ram as well...
The host has decent specs, 64 gb ram, a xeon workstation cpu and a quadro k620 gpu, nothing special but everything works well execpt the SDI at this point.

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