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I make tools for fast and robust state estimation and consult with aerospace companies about guidance, navigation, control, simulation, and optimization with An Uncommon Lab (


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Can I use an array of Simulink Buses as the initial state of a memory block?
Ok, in the documentation, under "Integrate C Functions Using Legacy Code Tool", there's a Supported Data Types table, where it s...

3 years ago | 0

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Can I use an array of Simulink Buses as the initial state of a memory block?
I have a Simulink Bus (MyBus) that has a field (a_bunch_of_sub_buses) that is an array of type SubBus. If I try to use this in a...

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How do I make a desktop launcher for MATLAB in Linux?
I seemed to have to do the least to get this to work, so I thought I'd share. I'm on Ubuntu 16.04 and installed with the default...

4 years ago | 17

Dependent variable formatting in find_best_table_nd
Hi Alex, Good question. First, I'll say that the help text for that function clearly has some copy-and-paste errors in it -- ...

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[UNSOLVED, but ignored] Simulink model with red border and outlinks
I've seen blocks get "stuck" like this several times after errors. If you right-click on the block and select Format, you'll lik...

5 years ago | 12