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Lockheed Martin

“With Simscape Electrical we created an integrated power system model that connects electrical and thermal domains, so we get the whole picture during our mission-level simulations. If we need to model the motors that turn the solar arrays, we have the capability to integrate those mechanical components, too.”

Hector Hernandez, Orion lead power system analyst
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Volvo Construction Equipment

“It was technically impossible for us to build a full-scale hydraulic system model to run in real time without Simulink, Simscape, and Simulink Real-Time. Our simulator enables us to test new concepts for construction equipment, tune parameters, reduce lead times, and minimize issues in the field.”

Jae Yong Lee, Chief Engineer
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ESA and Airbus

“Model-Based Design multiplies the range of capabilities that I have as an engineer. As an individual control engineer I can do what previously took a handful of engineers, because I can create and simulate my own multidomain models. I don’t have a wall around me anymore; I am able to better communicate and contribute across disciplines.”

Hans Strauch, senior GNC expert at Airbus

Model the Way You Think

Intuitive Schematics

Simscape models have a layout that matches the structure of your physical system. You assemble the model by connecting components from electrical, mechanical, fluid, and other physical domains into a network.

With a Modular Interface

Simscape components connect via ports that represent physical connections. This lets you assemble schematics with any architecture. You can easily add or remove physical effects, such as friction, electrical losses, or temperature dependent behavior.

And Automatically Derived Equations

Simscape examines the entire network and derives the system-level equations automatically. This lets you focus on finding the best design without rederiving the equations and reimplementing the entire model.

Collaborate Within a Single Environment

Unite Diverse Teams

Simscape enables hardware experts to integrate their designs in a single simulation. Teams using domain-specific tools can bring their ideas to a single model and evaluate the impact of their design decisions on system-level performance.

  • Unite Diverse Teams

Within MATLAB and Simulink

Simscape models connect directly to control algorithms modeled in Simulink and leverage its model management capabilities. You can automate every aspect of modeling, simulation, and analysis using MATLAB. Simscape integrates with other MATLAB and Simulink capabilities, so you can perform techniques such as deep learning and predictive maintenance.

From Research to Production

You can reuse your Simscape model throughout the entire development process. Simscape helps you refine requirements, design control systems, and test embedded controllers using hardware-in-the-loop testing on Speedgoat, dSPACE, OPAL-RT and other real-time systems. It even supports in-service operation as a digital twin.

Model systems of any size

Solve Engineering Problems of Any Scale

Combine Physical Effects

Simscape models integrate electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, and other physical domains. Physical interactions spanning these systems are captured in the simulation results, so you can size components properly and optimize system-level performance.

Model Systems of Any Size

You can examine effects that have time constants that range from microseconds to years. Whether your system fits in your pocket or spans an entire continent, Simscape lets you quickly explore and analyze the design.

Use Models Tailored to Your Task

Simscape provides thousands of supplied components that can be configured to increase or reduce fidelity. You connect these to custom Simscape components created using the MATLAB-based Simscape language. This lets you simulate and explore your system with as much detail as you need.

Simscape Product Family

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Model and simulate multidomain physical systems

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Simscape Battery

Design and simulate battery and energy storage systems

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Simscape Driveline

Model and simulate rotational and translational mechanical systems

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Simscape Electrical

Model and simulate electronic, mechatronic, and electrical power systems

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Simscape Fluids

Model and simulate fluid systems

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Simscape Multibody

Model and simulate multibody mechanical systems