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Speed and Area Optimization

Improvements through resource sharing, streaming, pipelining, RAM mapping


coder.hdl.loopspecUnroll or stream loops in generated HDL code
coder.hdl.pipelineInsert pipeline registers at output of MATLAB expression


Optimization Basics

Speed and Area Optimizations in HDL Coder

Learn about various speed and area optimizations and how to optimize your design.

Specify the Clock Enable Rate

Configure clock enable to run at design base rate or input data rate.

Minimize Clock Enables

Generate code for registers without clock enables

Constant Multiplier Optimization

What is Constant multiplier optimization and how to specify this optimization

Area Optimization

Map Persistent Arrays and dsp.Delay to RAM

In the HDL Workflow Advisor, select MATLAB to HDL Workflow > Code Generation > Optimizations tab.

Map Matrices to ROM

To map a matrix constant to ROM:If your MATLAB® code meets these requirements, HDL Coder™ inserts a no-reset register at the output of the matrix in the generated code.

RAM Mapping for MATLAB Code

RAM mapping is an area optimization that maps storage and delay elements in your MATLAB code to RAM.

RAM Mapping Comparison for MATLAB Code

hdl.RAM, dsp.Delay, persistent array variables, and user-definedSystem object™ private properties can map to RAM, but have different attributes.

Speed Optimization

Pipelining MATLAB Code

Pipelining helps achieve a higher maximum clock rate by inserting registers at strategic points in the hardware to break the critical path.

Pipeline MATLAB Expressions

Insert registers at output of MATLAB expression.

Optimize MATLAB Loops

Optimize loops for area or speed.

Distributed Pipelining

Distributed pipelining definition, benefits, and costs.

Featured Examples