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Create and Format Presentation Objects

Create and format text, paragraph, table, link and picture objects

You can add presentation content objects, such as text, tables, and pictures, to a presentation. You can format those content objects by defining styles that use format objects specific to the type of content object. Also, you can specify formats using content object formatting properties. To get started, see Add and Replace Presentation Content.


appendAppend content to paragraph
clone Copy PPT API paragraph
addAdd paragraph to text box
replaceReplace text box paragraphs
replaceReplace picture
appendAppend row to table
rowAccess table row
entryAccess table entry
replaceReplace table with another table
appendAppend table entry to table row
appendAppend text or paragraph to table entry
pptviewOpen Microsoft PowerPoint presentation or convert it to PDF
rptviewDisplay report or presentation


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mlreportgen.ppt.ExternalLinkHyperlink to location outside of presentation
mlreportgen.ppt.InternalLinkHyperlink to a slide in a presentation
mlreportgen.ppt.ParagraphFormatted block of text (paragraph)
mlreportgen.ppt.PicturePicture to include in presentation
mlreportgen.ppt.PresentationCreate a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation container
mlreportgen.ppt.SlidePresentation slide
mlreportgen.ppt.TableTable in presentation
mlreportgen.ppt.TableEntryTable entry
mlreportgen.ppt.TableRowTable row
mlreportgen.ppt.TextText to include in a presentation
mlreportgen.ppt.TextBoxText box
mlreportgen.ppt.AutoFitScale text to fit placeholder or text box
mlreportgen.ppt.BackgroundColorBackground color of presentation element
mlreportgen.ppt.BoldBold for text object
mlreportgen.ppt.FontColorFont color
mlreportgen.ppt.FontFamilyFont family
mlreportgen.ppt.FontSizeFont size
mlreportgen.ppt.HAlignHorizontal alignment of paragraph
mlreportgen.ppt.ItalicItalic for text object
mlreportgen.ppt.StrikeStrikethrough text
mlreportgen.ppt.SubscriptSubscript text
mlreportgen.ppt.SuperscriptSuperscript text
mlreportgen.ppt.UnderlineUnderline text
mlreportgen.ppt.BorderBorder of a table or table entry
mlreportgen.ppt.ColSepTable column separators
mlreportgen.ppt.ColSpecFormatting for table column
mlreportgen.ppt.ColWidthTable column width
mlreportgen.ppt.FlowDirectionTable column flow direction
mlreportgen.ppt.RowHeightTable row height
mlreportgen.ppt.RowSepTable row separators
mlreportgen.ppt.TableStyleOptionsStripe table rows and columns
mlreportgen.ppt.TextOrientationOrientation of text in a table entry
mlreportgen.ppt.VAlignVertical alignment of table entry content


Presentation Formatting Approaches

Format a presentation by using style sheets, format objects, or format properties.

Presentation Format Inheritance

The PPT API allows you to use a PowerPoint® template and PPT API format objects and properties to format presentation objects.

Create and Format Text

You can create a Text object using an mlreportgen.ppt.Text constructor, specifying a character vector.

Create and Format Paragraphs

To create a Paragraph object, use the mlreportgen.ppt.Paragraph constructor.

Create and Format Tables

Create a table using an mlreportgen.ppt.Table object.

Create and Format Pictures

To create a picture for a presentation, use the mlreportgen.ppt.Picture constructor.

Create and Format Links

In a presentation, you can create an internal link, from one slide to another slide, or an external link to a location outside of the presentation.

Define a Style Using Format Objects

Create an array of formats, such as color, font family, and font size, that specify the appearance of a paragraph or other content object.

Use Format Properties

Most PPT API presentation objects (such as a Paragraph object) include properties that you can use to set the format of the content of an object.