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802.11be (Wi-Fi 7)

Receive 802.11be™ (EHT) waveforms

Model EHT-related signal reception functionality.


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wlanPacketDetectEstimate timing offset of OFDM packet
wlanFormatDetectDetect packet format
wlanSymbolTimingEstimateFine symbol timing estimate using L-LTF
wlanEHTTrackPilotErrorTrack errors using pilot subcarriers of EHT waveform (Since R2023a)
wlanCoarseCFOEstimatePerform coarse CFO estimation
wlanFineCFOEstimatePerform fine CFO estimation
wlanSampleRateNominal sample rate
channelDelayChannel timing delay (Since R2020a)
frequencyOffsetApply frequency offset to input signal (Since R2022a)
wlanLLTFChannelEstimateChannel estimation using L-LTF
wlanLLTFNoiseEstimateNoise estimation using L-LTF and S1G-LTF1 (Since R2023a)
wlanEHTDataNoiseEstimateNoise estimation using EHT-Data field (Since R2023b)
wlanEHTLTFChannelEstimateChannel estimation using EHT-LTF (Since R2023a)
wlanPreEHTChannelEstimateChannel estimation using pre-EHT fields (Since R2023b)
wlanFieldIndicesGenerate PPDU field indices
wlanEHTDemodulateDemodulate fields of EHT waveform (Since R2023a)
wlanEHTOFDMInfoOFDM information for EHT transmission (Since R2023a)
wlanEHTEqualizeEqualize demodulated EHT field symbols (Since R2023b)
wlanLLTFDemodulateDemodulate L-LTF waveform
wlanEHTRecoveryConfigStore parameters recovered from EHT transmission (Since R2023b)
wlanUSIGBitRecoverRecover information bits in U-SIG field (Since R2023b)
wlanEHTSIGCommonBitRecoverRecover common field bits in EHT-SIG field (Since R2023b)
wlanEHTSIGUserBitRecoverRecover user field bits in EHT-SIG field (Since R2023b)
wlanEHTDataBitRecoverRecover bits from EHT-Data field (Since R2023a)
interpretEHTSIGCommonBitsUpdate EHT MU transmission parameters with EHT-SIG common field bits (Since R2023b)
interpretEHTSIGUserBitsUpdate EHT MU transmission parameters with EHT-SIG user field bits (Since R2023b)
interpretUSIGBitsUpdate transmission parameters with U-SIG field bits (Since R2023b)
wlanScrambleScramble and descramble binary input sequence
wlanConstellationDemapConstellation demapping
wlanStreamDeparseStream-deparse spatial streams
wlanBCCDecodeConvolutionally decode input data

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