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Globe Display

Plot data on 3-D globes, apply high-resolution or custom basemaps, apply custom terrain

Use globe display functions to visualize 3-D data over terrain, high-zoom-level basemaps, and other surfaces. Navigate globe displays interactively, or change your view programmatically by setting the camera position and camera rotation angles.

  • Display data such as flight trajectories over terrain and basemaps by using a geographic globe. You can plot height data with respect to the geoid, terrain, or WGS84 reference ellipsoid. For more information, see geoglobe.

  • Display data such as sea surface temperature and wind speed as a surface by using a globe projection. You can also use globe projections to model various reference ellipsoids, including ellipsoids for non-Earth planetary bodies. For more information, see globe.

Examples of geographic globe visualizations. Click to go to geoplot3.


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Display Data

geoglobeCreate geographic globe
GeographicGlobeControl geographic globe appearance and behavior
geoplot3Geographic globe plot
Line PropertiesGeographic primitive line appearance and behavior

Change View

camposSet or query position of camera for geographic globe
camheightSet or query height of camera for geographic globe
camheadingSet or query heading angle of camera for geographic globe
campitchSet or query pitch angle of camera for geographic globe
camrollSet or query roll angle of camera for geographic globe

Add Custom Terrain and Basemaps

addCustomBasemapAdd custom basemap
addCustomTerrainAdd custom terrain data
removeCustomBasemapRemove custom basemap
removeCustomTerrainRemove custom terrain data

Display Data

axesmCreate map axes
globeFrame for 3-D map display
geoshowDisplay map latitude and longitude data

Change View

viewCamera line of sight
camposmSet camera position using geographic coordinates
camtargmSet camera target using geographic coordinates
camupmSet camera up vector using geographic coordinates