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DD-Robocon India

Get ready for the ultimate engineering showdown at DD-Robocon 2024, hosted by IIT Delhi at the prestigious Thyagaraj Sports Complex in New Delhi! This robotics competition is a battleground for the brightest minds in engineering, where teams from top institutes will showcase their technical prowess in crafting and controlling robots. The arena will be ablaze with innovation as participants engage in thrilling challenges, pushing the boundaries of technology to emerge victorious. DD-Robocon 2024 promises not just a competition, but a spectacle of cutting-edge robotics, fostering collaboration and pushing the limits of what's possible in the world of engineering. Welcome to DD-Robocon India 2024!

Complimentary Software

MathWorks provides complimentary software for this competition. If your team is participating in this competition and needs software, fill out the software request form.

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MATLAB and Simulink

Robotics Arena

Learn how to use MATLAB and Simulink to design algorithms, create simulations, and speed up development for student competitions in robotics and unmanned systems.

Video Tutorials for Your Team

Interactive Online Tutorials

Learn by doing! Our two-hour online courses provide a hands-on learning environment where you will interact with a web-based version of MATLAB and receive instant and contextual feedback.

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Simscape Essentials for Automotive Student Teams

Get started with the fundamentals of vehicle development for student competitions, such as Formula Student, using Simscape.

Mobile Robotics Training Videos

Learn to design and test autonomous robot algorithms using MATLAB and Simulink with these free training materials.

Making Vehicles and Robots See

Get started with practical approaches to design perception algorithms using these free training materials.

Code Generation Video Tutorials

Learn how to convert MATLAB functions and Simulink models to C/C++ code.