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Supported and Unsupported Simulink Blocks in Simulink Design Verifier

Simulink® Design Verifier™ provides various levels of support for the Simulink blocks:

  • Supported

  • Partially supported

  • Not supported

If your model contains partially supported blocks, you can enable automatic stubbing. In order to improve the scalability of the analysis, automatic stubbing conservatively abstracts the block behavior. As a result, the analysis may not successfully analyze all the objectives. For more details about automatic stubbing, see Handle Incompatibilities with Automatic Stubbing.

To achieve 100% coverage, avoid using partially supported blocks in models that you analyze.

The following tables summarize Simulink Design Verifier analysis support for Simulink blocks. Each table lists the blocks in a Simulink library and also describes support information for that particular block.

 Additional Math and Discrete Library

 Commonly Used Blocks Library

 Continuous Library

 Discontinuities Library

 Discrete Library

 Logic and Bit Operations Library

 Lookup Tables Library

 Math Operations Library

 Model Verification Library

 Model-Wide Utilities Library

 Ports & Subsystems Library

 Signal Attributes Library

 Signal Routing Library

 Sinks Library

 Sources Library

 User-Defined Functions Library